Welcome to the world of
“Undiscovered Napa Valley”

There is a distinct difference between visiting a place and truly experiencing it.
It is the people we meet. It’s in the way we travel. It’s the place we stay.

We are locals and we are imbedded into the fabric of wine country.
Having been vineyard owners and 20 year residents of the Napa Valley, we have built a network of wineries and use these connections to create memorable unforgettable experiences for both corporate retreats and for personal escapes.

Hear the vintner’s story. Explore extraordinary winery estates. Taste wines you can only buy at the property.
Immerse yourself in a food and wine pairing by a private chef.
You can experience it all…

We create experiences for large corporations as well as secret and exclusive Napa/Sonoma getaways.

Discover the undiscovered.

Looking for a customized wine country driving tour?
Check out our sister company Designated Drivers Napa/Sonoma!